JWD: The New Barbarians (1983)

One of my favorit post apocalyptic flix that has earnd quite a cult-status over the years.

In case you are wondering, this one is one of the many Italian-produced Mad Max-ripp off’s of the 80’s. Staring one of my fave badasses; Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamsen and it’s truly an entertaining cheese-ride. The world has of course ended, after a nuke-apocalypse and a religiouse sect, ‘The Tempelers’-led by ‘One’ (George Eastman) are one the mission to clench the earth of it’s remaining people…staring with some local villages. Scorpion (Giancarlo Prete); an ex-Temepeler and our main hero will have non of this of course and teams up with ‘Nadir’ (Fred Williamson) and some boring seposed-to-be-hot young woman who only stands around with nothing or verry little to say…she’s just kinda in the way really. And of course…the little Mecanic-kid who lives all alone in the wasteland and is a true handman, using ridiculous futuristic tools and are played by former child actor Giovanni Frezza-most remberd from Lucio Fulci’s ‘House By The Cemetery’. And yes; he’s still hilariously dubbed. This one has everything you would want from an Italian 80’s Mad Max-Ripp Off; Futuristic 80’s synt-music, lot’s of action and violence, ridiculous vehicles and outfits, qusetionable acting and an overall seriousness that are verry hard to take seriously. But that’s the charm and i love it! I find it highly stimulanting; throwing down beer after beer, escapeing from reality and loosing myself in the post apocalypytic wastlands of cheese. One thing it dosent have though are nuke-mutants. But it really dosent need em’, it manage to stay cool without. Directed by Enzo G. Castellerai and here at Bmania.no (b-movies and beer mania), we adore and praise his work. A much loved name, by most true b-movie misfits.