JWD: The Abominable Snowman (1957)

It’s the hart of winter here and it’s snowing like fuck, so i was in the mood for something wintery and i dicided to try out this old-ass yeti movie for the second time. So i put a trusty six-pack of beer on the table and pressed play.

Well, in a short sense, i still think this movie is about a bunch of boring english men and boring americans who sets out on an expidition to find out if the yeti doses reallt exist or not. We also get bunch of annoying tibetian sheppards who just runs around waving their arms while shouting and yelling. I did like the temple alot-which set’s a good yeti-vibe to the movie, but the lama was kinda uncharismatic and hard to like and all the dry dreadfull non-stop dialog that was goining on bored me so much (again), that i had take a brake and go surf some porn instede (i’ll leave that to your imagination). I also enjoyed the indoor studio locations (it’s shot both outdoors and in the studio). We dont’ get to see alot of the yeti(s), but when we do, it is really thrilling and the ending is actually kinda badass as well. It’s a Hammer-movie and stars horror-icon Peter Cushing, but that still dosent’ lift it much. Not that bad, but not great if you ask me and i didnt’ feel much for the characters either-even though some of the actors delivers quite good (the lama-dude still kinda sucks). I wanted to like it more, but i really couldnt’.