JWD: Stryker (1983)

I have catched that post apocalyptic fever again; i suddenly have the strong urge to watch as much post apocalyptic-cheese as possible…while throwing down beer after beer.

This post apocalyptic flick from the Phillippines opens in a bleak and dead desert-wastland with a band of cheesy raiders following a beautiful woman on an ancient fading road-that must have been the highway several generations back. You see, the woman holds the secret of where a water spring is kept hidden by her people and water is everything, water is life, water is power and the few living people in this wasteland is killing each other off in a brutal civil-war. Empaty and affection is gone and all that is left is the will to survive and the fear for ones own life, almost.

Stryker; a lone nomad in an cowboy hat, a hard rusty Kris Kristofferson-voice and a secret cross paths with the woman, and a third random nomad with a mullet who saves the woman from the road-raiders also joins in.

Since it is an 80’s-post apocalyptic flik, you just cant overlook the dated cheese; what was most akward for me was the mutant midget-people living in the desert. Even though the thought of them being mutated descendants of people who lived close to where the atom-bomb went off is a cool thought and fits well with the movie. And i gotta say, that this is maybe the less cheesy cheesy-post apocalyptic flik that i have seen-i was actually a little convinced that this was actually descendants of the humanity who died out in the nuke during some time in the 80’s, who is now living in the future trying to survive in a forever stretching desert wastland with enemies at all angles. These warriors; raiders, nomads, villagers ect, use firearms and arrows and not steriotypical lazerguns and there are no robots or out of this world mutants running around, wich really dosent’ make a post apoclyptic flik more credible, though it often helps with the entertainment value. Oh…or WAS it a lazergun or two!? Cant really remember, i did get drunk ( but im sober now). The action is hardboild and tense, the soundtrack is atmospheric and minmalistic and the wardrobe is steriotypical 80’s-heavy metal-ish. Another cool typical post apocalyptic b-movie.