JWD: Android Cop (2014)

Been watching some Asylum to night. In other words…crap! So im glad i had beers laying around.

Been enjoying a few good beers tonight and the room is kinda spinning. It ca. 01.00 am and i kinda wanna put on a ‘Fullmoon Feature’ flik, but its to late, man. I always got shit to do, or at least my girlfriend seems to think so and i would fall asleep any minute any way so-sitting her finnishing off my last beer of the evening, a Norwegian wheet-beer from Lade Gaard.

Here you have it; the mockbuster of the new Robo cop-remake, it’s Asylum yo! As all the Asylem-mockbusters i’v seen, this one is dead-serious (and dry) with an over all-kinda entertainment value…to a certain point. My drunken mind do feel that Asylum knows that they are making bad movies and i love their ‘go and fuck you’re self attitude’-to those who are expecting a whole lot more and to those who feel offended by their’ off-ripping. I rather watch all their mockbusters then the actuall blockbusters; it’s cheesy stupid fun (alot of the times, but some of them are just waaay to bad). This gem is a typical buddy-cop movie (futristic), about a grumpy cop who is not to pleased to be chosen in a work-experiment; to work with artificial intelligence, a cyborg. Well, this flick is kinda charming, with the typical CGI effects (Asylum style) and a nice floating ambient soundtrack that kinda reminded me of the same one that was used in their; ‘American Battleship’. But at the same time, it does get a little boring and uninteresting, wich is often the case with Asylum-mockbuster. Android┬áCop is an ok one-time watch and i dont’ really understand it my self, but i do wanna check out even more Asylum movies. Kinda like a bad habit.