JWD: Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

Merry christmas, agian (hick-up!!).

Been a year since i’v «reviewed» my favorit christmas movie, and her comes another less sober «review» of the sequal. But what to listen to?? hmm…let me think about that one for a second and maybe have another beer-with a sort of bad conscience. I am needed as a father and a family man, but i also need beer and questionable movie-junk. Nha…never mind that, it probably ain’t as bad as it sounds…i guess. Damn. Shitmas, i think i’ll have another Carlsberg.

I ended up with some Lord Infamous_R.I.P (who left us way to young). HO HO HO, what can be said about this ‘Garbage Day’ that havent’ been said before…not much. This is my second viewing of Silent Nigth-Deadly Night…2. The word parody is sort of as a unconscious sub-title trough out the movie and it’s charater driven on characters from the first movie, but with different actors and of course-what makes this piece of junk such a special kind of junk; there is at least 25 minutes flash back from the first movie_kinda like ‘Back To The Future 2’, but ‘Back To The Future 2’ was done after ‘Silent Night-Deadly Night 2’. Hey!!-‘Back To The Future 2’ must have been infulenced by ‘Silent Night-Deadly Night 2!! Or maybe ‘Silent Night-Deadly Night 2’ took inspiration from ‘The Hills Have Eyes 2’ (the dog-flash back). I at least have to mention Morgan Freeman as The main character, ‘Rick’, Billy’s younger brother (from the first movie), and his eyebrow-moving mayhem. When i think me a little about it’s Eric Freeman, and not ol’ Morg. I like the scary and moody soundtrack, but this review dosnt’ really go anywhere….’GARBAGE DAY’!!!