JWD: Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 (1989)

Jepper; the Norwegain b-movie drunk is drunk again and wishes ya’ a Merry Christmas all over the world!

Finaly there is a little coldness out side my window, out here in the country, and lets hope it stays that way. It’s been raining nonstop-blowing huricans past our walls. Last year was a terrible winter; only rainstorms and a friggen cold sping and a really lame summer. Im getting drunk on ole’ Ringnes-Juløl (christmas-ale), listening to christmas-bluegrass on spotify (my favorit kinda christmas music-and some little Johnny Cash, Elvis and Frank Sinatra thrown in there as well). But anyway, been watching Silent Night-Deadly Night 3 for the second time and i did liked it alot more the first time i saw it, i must say. Bill Mosely (Texas Chainsaw Massacre-2) has taken over the role for Morgan Freeman as Ricky; the younger brother of Billy who’s our dear original ‘Silent Night-Deadly Night (1984)-villian and who is the main villian in Silent Night-Deadly Night 2 (1987). Are you ready for the fishtank on his head that has his brains for display?? The synth soundtrack is kinda badass, but the acting is more like some badly put-togheter paper-plaine that really disappoints you at the first throw…yeah; falls mercylessly to the floor…BOOM!!!!! We are even lucky enough to get a few flashbacks from the first movie as well, like we didnt get enough of that in Silent Night 2! Closing off, i wanna let somthing out that i’v been thinking about since i saw this movie for the first time; am i the only one who thinks that Aleksander U Seigerstad, from Filmjunkinene (‘The Filmjunkies’-the coolest movie watchers in all of Scandinavia), looks a whole lot like the brother of the blind chick, played by Erick Da Re..Well, then it’s too bad; Aleks deeply dislikes this movie. But it’s one of Per-Ingvar Tomren’s favorit christmas movies, who directed the Norwegian christmas-slasher; ‘Christmas Crulety’ (2013), or em’ i just messin’- was i way to wasted on Oslo Fright Fest in January-2015?? Skål and to all..