JWD: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

Last night i was getting kinda drunk on norwegian christmas-beer (nice) while i was trying out this sci/fi-christmas kids movie.

And even though i’ve heard that it is a real piece of junk (and it is)-and i fell a sleep and had to rewind the last 12 minuets-i did get verry charmed by this thrown away piece of christmas-junk. I wanted to write a ‘review’ on it while intoxicated, but i couldn’t find the charger, so here i am-under the infulence of julebrus (just regular christmas-soda…norwegian thing) and trying to collect some drunken thoughts on last nights b(eer)-movie.

Well, it’s about a few human-looking marsians with ridiculous outfits, who lays out on a journy to the North-Pole to kidnap Santa so he can make christmas on Mars for the little Mars-children who are manic/depressive or something. On their way they swipp by the U.S and pick up two human children as well(??) Further on we follow Santa and the two kids, Billy and Betty, on their journy to mars and on how they will adupt to their new environment or if they will try to escape back to earth. At first, this looked to suck a huge amount of santa’s ass, even though it’s only 76 minutes long or so. But not to far into the movie i was starting to really enjoy myself and also catching the christmas-spirit. What i dug was all the soooo fake scenery of the spaceship, the spacetravle, Mars and even the North-Pole looked like a different world…but O’-so in the studio kinda way- i’v always been a real sucker for fake backgrounds in movies.

As a bonus we get alot of terrible acting, over-the-top akward characters and marsian names such as; Kimar, Voldar, Bomar and Girmar for christmas. And of course…the mean cardboard robot. Ones you’ve seen him/it, you can not unsee him…it. I wouldnt mind taking this junkfull journy one more time during this christmas session, but this time with some Aqvavit as well.

…To all a good night and merry christmas!