JWD: Exorcism (1975)

Jess Franco is sexualy frustrated…

…and he plays this ex-kinda-preacher who sex-murders young hot brunettes, who one way or another has a connection with these theatrical satanic sacrifice-cult. He ties them up, torture them, has sex with them and kills them…only so their souls will not be doomed in hell of course. Mr. Franco plays against his future wife and hottie; the young Lina Romay who he more or less used as a replacement for Soledad Miranda (1943-1970) who stars in Francos cult classics; ‘Vampyros Lespos and ‘Count Dracula’. They where both tempting brunette-hotties!

‘Jess Franco’s Exorsism’ is among the best of his movies that i’ve seen myself and it’s a delightful beer-soaked Franco-ride filed with; sleaz, cheese, cryptic atmosphere and soundtrack, artistic camerawork, nostalgic 70’s fashion crappy dubbing, involuntarly humor, exsiting murders and some what graphic soft-core porn.