JWD: Bloodsport (1988)

After a bad day and the boring blaxploitation-flik ‘Get Christie Love’ i had to try to save my Movie-night and i was in the mood for the 80’s ,…Im always in the mood for the 80,s.

I have several Van Damme Movies laying around, who i just worshiped when i was a kid and who i,ve become a born-again-fan of as an ‘adult’. And that ‘Bloodsport’ is a good old Canon-Group Movie is just a huge bonus (those of us who loves 80,s action-cheese will understand). Well, Van Damme Plays (as good as he can), this ex-bully who has been disciplined by this old Japanese martial-arts sensai. He then gets mixed up in this underground fighting-culture in Hong-Kong where he meets his sidekick and his only friend for years; a steriotypical beer-drinking American biker who burps and acting discusting, unlike the disciplined and dandy Van Damme who madiates and acts sofisticated. ‘BloodSport’ is a chessy B-action classic at it,s best that entertained me but also gave me an awe of the meaning of respect. I saw it once as a little kid and still liked it! Awsome 80,s soundtrack! Van Damme kept kicking harder and i kept drinking faster.