JWD: Critters 2 (1988)

Oh, the nostalgia!!

The decade i feel most at home in, is the dear 80’s, and for the most part In an American way. Why? I guess becouse i was born in the 80’s (83 to be prescise) and i grew up watching American 80’s movies, like most 80’s (born) kids did all over the world. I do mean that the Americans have often manage to catch nostalgia ( and magic..(in a cocky way, often) in movies in such a degree that for instance the europeans has not done as good . well maybe that,s just me. ( you do know i love 70’s european moview¬†anyway). I grew up on Critters, but i think, the second one, skipped me, can’t remember seeing it as a kid (only the first, nr. 3 & 4). This was awesome cheese though.