JWD: The Boogey Man (1980)

Downloaded this one back in 2005 or so. I really didnt’ like it, couldnt’ cope with the bad cheese, but i stumbled over it on dvd the other day and i just had to pick it up.

I do think it’s fair, without making an ass out of my self, to say that it’s a supernatural slasher that borrows from ‘The Exorist’ and ‘The Amityville Horror’. Im sitting here finnishing my last beer and listening to some Apocalyptic Raids (a retro black metal band that swears to the 80’s-they are fucking awsome, check em out on spotifi) and trying to figuer out what to say about this lost cult-classic. It’s about a dead mean bastard, that comes back and kills when ever there is a reflection in a shatterd mirror that witnessed his murder. We have a mute gye as one of the lead characters that we are supposed to feel relations to, but i just got kinda sick of him from early on. He works on his uncles farm, he is a good worker and do what he is told, but dosent’ he even have body language, he just stears motionlessy at peoples faces…it’s just so cheesy and i dont buy it for one second. The story is so simple and…just lame, wich is not always a problem, but in this case it is, cos’ the movie isnt’ any good at all really. What’s likeable though; is the actual killings and a horror-soundtrack that is really good, eerie and cool. Nah…dont think i will re-visit this one again. But who could tell from another ten years from now. I guess i could recomend it as a one night watch, though.