JWD: In the Land of the Cannibals (2003)

Even ‘Mondo Cannibale’ is better. I’v said it; even ‘Mondo Cannibale’ is better.

The king of crap, the late Iialian Bruno Mattei, gave us this soure taste in the mouth, in the form of a cannibal flick a few years before he passed away-where he barvely tries to capture the golden days of the italian cannibal-boom. I’ll give him that; he was never a quiter. We follow these soldiers who are on a mission to resciue some sort of scientists in the Brazilian jungle that happens to be populated by some local cannibals. The main character; Lt. Willson, played by Lou Randall-who aparently only featured in this movie, is a verry hansome masqulin-looking man that must get alot of looks from the ladies; looks a whole lot like Phil Anselmo by the way. Though there are something really homo-erotic about the gye-not that it matters, but it dos’ make the setting kinda funny and interesting. And not that i watch gay-porn or anything.. The action is lame; just a military group that shoots down dusins of jungle men armed with only arrows, spears and sticks. And the ┬źnatives┬╗ dosnt’ look cool by the way; just a bunch of akward retards jumping up and down, screaming like theyre’ scared of all the jungle bugs. The gore isnt’ even close to the amount we are spoiled with in cannibal flix from the 70’s and 80’s, but it did eventualy pick up during the laste ten minuets and i began to enjoy my self a little. The dubbing and acting as well is pretty god-damn awkward, really out of place with out any or little persuasion what so ever. With that said; Bruno Mattei’s movies has entertained me before. I’ve seen about half a dusin of his movie and there has been some pretty decent in the bunch; ‘SS Girls’ and ‘Hell Of The Living Dead’ and comes to mind. ‘Rats: Night Of Terror’ is a cool horror-themed post apocalyptic cheeseball and one or two other movies as well, that cant’ remember the names of.

At least im looking forward the see the brand new cannibal- movie; ‘The Green Infero’, directed by Eli Roth.