JWD: Bloody Moon (1981)

So, what’s youre’ night been like? I’v been slurping beers, snacking on rosted (hard) corn and checked out Jess Franco’s euro slasher; ‘Bloody Moon’.

I feel kinda bad though; my girlfriend’s is upstairs with our new baby (she dosnt’ mind though-she was like; go down stairs sweethart, have some cold ones and watch some trash) and im here finshing my last beer and was trying out the solo album by Shaggy 2 Dope, but i change it to the Juggalo super-group; Dark Lotus, but i think i’ll change to some good ol’ Insane Clown Posse insted.

Man, when u are a b-movie geek and you put on a Jess Franco flick, you are taking a 50/50 % change; he has done so many, some of them SUCKS ASS and some of them are actually verry pleasureble, i dear almost say good. Well dude, to night i picked an ass-sucker, which would have been nice if it was Amy Smart’s ass, but not Woopie Goldberg’s. This flick is a real euro-sleaz turd; crappy story, extremly akward dubbing and even worse dialog…my god! And all the characters that u are suposed to feel realtions to are as interesting as Prince Charles, or last year’s tv-guide. This is supposed to be a real mind twister, but u are just left with a real bad tast in youre’ mouth, annoyed by all the unbearable-terrible cheese that reeks like diapers from your neighbor trashcan on an unbearable hot summer’s night. They even killed a snake to try lift this shit. Clipped it’s head right off. I mean come on;if that what it takes… Oh man, and the soundtrack… no comment. With that said; i did watch the Jess Franco interview on the dvd, released by Severin, and he clames he was promised the whole world if took the directors job on this toilet flush…even Pink Floyd as composers to the soundtrack (which of course didnt’ happen). It seems like he ended up kinda embarrassed by this b-turd. So i guess it’s not always the directors fault, but also the studio’s. It’s also full of unbearable-steriotypical characters and situations. I mean, couldnt’ they just let that spanished kid alone, he didnt even know he was making this movie even more akward. I did like the actual killings though…but fuck-kinda hated it…this flick.