JWD: Deported Women of the SS Special Section (1976)

Yo! Beer is on the table and Ruthless Rob in the fucking ears-Baltimore Horrorcore. And i’v just watched (drunk) this naziploitation, italian (of course).

It’s been a goody while since iv seen a fucking naziploitation and im gettn’ drunk here. Im a wild child, im calming down these day, but i’ll always be a misfit, an outsider. I’ll fucking hit you in the nose (nah…i probably wont’). Damn, getting drunk, here. This was a good naziploitation, hey most of them are, it was made so few of them. Well…good and good fru Blom… as good as it gets, i guess. A dark, gritty sleazy disgusting movie like all the other ones of it’s kind. Pretty ok acting, ok editing, good story and character development a sad unsetteling soundtrack, tons of cynical sleaz that’s pretty graphic-still not the ugliest naziploitation that i’ve seen, but it was damn nasty. Kinda hot girls too and ugly, unsettling, but fascinating locations. I’m out with Ruthless Rob!