JWD: Machete Kills (2013)

Another one of my favorit badasses!! Danny Trejo is back as the meanest Mexican with an heart of gold, in this over the top gore-splattered toung-in-cheek action-fest that continues to pay tribute to the grindhouse and exploitation flix of the 70’s.

Machete is assigned by the President of the United states, Charley Sheen (god help us), to stop a psychopat-terrorist and revolutionist in Mexico, so Machete must go down another gory road with bullets, titts, explotions and machetes. I felt alot Ā«illuminatiĀ»-vibs on this ride and we see several tributes to other cool movie-shit like the tribute to; Christina Lindberg (the one-eye) and Mel Gibson also pays a smal tribute to his classic character; ‘Mad-Max’ (man, he’s gottn’ old, bro’). I loved this ride, but it was even more over-the-top then i was expecting it to be, but it was fucking great. But hey; gatta’ go, im drinking beer and listening to Blaze-Ya-Dead-Homie’!! Tha’s all i wanna do, bro!!