JWD: Killjoy 2: Deliverance of Evil (2002)

Allright, skål!

A bunch of african-american young adult criminals, gets exorted by bus from L.A trough the California hills and the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere. With a broken bus and no phone; the thugs and their parol officers must go for help and end up being shot at by an angry readneck woman who suddendly talks with a (poorly performed) southern dialect, and the group ends up far out in the wilderness at this sexy voodoo-woman’s house. One of the female thugs knows a little voodo herself and try’s to summon the clown-demon; KillJoy to save one of the imates life who has been shot at. She shouldnt’ have done that.

I’ll give it to ya’ straight. I didnt like this gem at all, bro’. It’s lame, akward and not in a ‘so-good-it’s-bad’ sence…just argh…sooo bad, man. The acting is extremly lame, wich i think it’s supposed to be that way, but it just dosent work. The kills and horror stuff dosn’t work either and didnt’ entertain me one bit. With that said; I do like the plot and the concept of KillJoy and he; the clown-demon, looks truly badass. If it’s somthing i liked about the second KilJoy movie it was some of the dreamy music and the locations. I noticed the store; Liquer Circus wich Wetmovie-1 mention in one of his videos on youtube. Nah…this one was even worse than the first one. Im still gonna check out ‘KillJoy 3’ and ‘Killjoy Goes To Hell’ though. Hey!! I checked out the hip-hop-supergroup; Club Of Killjoy (Da Mafia 6 with ICP) while wrighting this review; Liked em’ alot! Sorry if i offended any KillJoy fans, but now i gotta’ go and grab another beer.