JWD: Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

A personal Halloween favorite of mine, which i feel i must watch every October. What’s you’re maddefacking favorite??

‘Season Of The Witch’ is that infamoues Halloween movie which do not feature our favorit villain; Michael Myers. No!! Not Mike Myers! Not fucking ‘Austin Powers’…you kids today…oh, you mean like in ‘Waynes World’-oh yeah, youre’ really retro…arent you. Well, enough of me trying to be wisegye This is an atmospheric and 80’s-nostalgic horror cult-classic that, after what i’v picked up over the years, was ‘hatet’ for about two decades-by me included. I remember almost crying the first time i rented it; cos’ Michael Myers would never show up…i was twelve (mid 90’s). But the last decade or so, the popularity of this third Halloween movie has gotten’ it’s loyal cult-following. It’s time for the ‘Season Of The Witch’ to shine and treat it well; it has alot to offer. What comes to mind is a story that is very interesting to follow, likeable characters, though some of them are really steriotypical (but that’s just fun, cheesy and dated). Tom Adkins is of coures worth mentioning, a real charismatic actor and you care about him as the main good-gye. And of course; the haunting soundtrack composed by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth, it’s fucking badass. Oh yeah, i almost forgott; ancient witchery has become available trough computers and television and please dont buy masks from Silver Shamrock this year, oh yeah, that’s right; i guess that firm got bankrupt in 1982 and i’v heard they had androids working for them. That’s kinda cool. Closing off i gotta say that i love the ending!! A very enjoyable beer-movie to watch around halloween time.