JWD: Final Exam (1981)

Wanna hear what happend the day before i saw this movie for the first time? No!? Well, here it comes (…bitch).

I was trying to do some privat work, which included gasolin. So i coused myself a minor explotion, which cost me an amublance ride, one night in the hospital, second degree bruns on the half of my face and both hands and i had to sleep with towles on for two weeks while my face was covered in some kinda salve. And my hands too, wraped up in bandage for about two weeks. …Yes i did get to wipe my own ass. Dont ask me how. My solution to this problem; having about eigth beers (0,5 liter-cans) and watching ‘Final Exam’ for the first time, waking up dyhadiraided (how do you write that word), with a bad hangover while having to try to function as a dad as well. I guess im a hard-ass after all, but a very clumsy person, and i hate it. Nah…im not that tough, i can tell you that right now. This was about three years ago and i’v now just paid a re-visit to this ‘love it or hate it’-slasher.

‘Final Exam’ has most of what i look for in those larger then life-early 80’s- American slashers; nostalgia, atmosphere, a haunting soundtrack, relateble youths, fun steriotypes and the killing sceens were also quite pleasing- though i cant’ say brilliant. I liked it a whole lot the first time i saw it, and liked it a whole lot now. Though all the stereotypes are a little to over the top, which is typical for these kind of movies. You got the school’s bully and misbehaving jock; ‘Wild Man’, which just cant get to though, bad-ass and immature, he’s just soooo overwhelming and you just gotta experince him to see my point. I love him, but he’s so extremly cheesy and over the top. I whould have hated him if we went to school togheter though, i was a long-hair; the kind he whould love to get in a fight with i guess. Then we have all the sassy tightass anoying bitches which think they’re shit dont’ stink. They’re not really mean to people, but they are just so fucking tight-asses, i cant stand being around brouds like that. Uptight, was the word i was looking for. And last but not least, my favorit character; ‘Radish’, clearly a homosexual. Oh, that dosnt’ matter you say!? Come on!! We all want our steriotypes and he is this movie’s gay gye, and i love him. He is the most likeable charater and he’s loveable. I would love being friends with him if we ever went to school togheter. And there was also a gye there, a kinda asshole, which has the lamest hairdo i think i’v ever seen in a slasher-i mean; is it a wig, is it a hat-he just got so much hair on his head that my jaw just drops. It’s not that it’s full of volume, but it’s just so fucking thick. Be on the look out, cant remember the charaters name. Closing off; good directors work, good editing, pretty decent acting, but the plot…well there arent any i guess. And the killer; who’s he and why does he kill?? Well, it dosnt really matter and i guess it’s supposed to be that way. I decied to write my own (drunk) review on this lost cult-classic, cos’ Martin was giving it such a hard time in his. Martin…dont’ be a snob.

P.S. ‘Final Exam’ kinda reminded me about the awsome slasher from the same time period; ‘The Prowler’.