JWD: Don’t Go In The Woods…alone! (1981)

Ready for a real slasher-turd?? Jupp, this minor slasher-classic is as bad as everyone says it is, but still…

Two gyes go camping in the woods with theyre’ girlfriends and soon find them self in the middle of a gory and badly edited killingspree where random steriotypical characters pops up every where attatched with some goofy background music just to emphasize that these people are clumsy and will soon be killed off.

It’s one of those so-bad-it’s-good-movies, you know. The killings are gory and cool, but confucing at times and extremely badly edited. The music is minimalstic, effective and memoriable, but the dubbing and sound effects are terrible, badly exectuted and really anoying. The acting is akwardly bad too, but in an amusing way-we all like a little cheese right? But some times it can also get a little to much, which is almost the case with this one. Now, when it comes to the ladies in this flik…it dosent help. I’ll be honest and say that i have never seen so many unattractive girls in one slasher. The two girls for exemple; has short hair and looks like a couple of boys or lespos with to much cloats on. Not that it matters though. And one of the girls actually has a yummy running-ass, and maybe with some long hair, pigtails and make up (looots), she could have been hot.

Well, yeah; the is a real wilderness-slasher turd, but a charming one. I’v seen it two times now and i might even visit it again, but i need at least a few beers to do so.