JWD: Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot! (1967)

A very young Tomas Millian is ‘Django’, in this unofficial sequal (there are hundreds of them, it seems like)-of the 1966 spaghetti western classic; ‘Django’ staring Franco Nero.

Had the pleasure of watching ‘Django Kill’ for the second time last night (saw it back in 2008 or something) and i had my self some fresh Mariestads (bottled) swedish beer, only 3,5 %, but i drank fast and quite a few-so the drunkeness came out crawling and took me for a ride once again. Django, or let us cut it straigth; he’s called ‘Stranger’ and not Django, not even once. Stranger is doubled crossed by his band of outlaws-a band of filthy killers who guns down ‘Stranger’ along side with all they’re Mexican men whom they were seposed to share a big amount of gold with and whom are thrown down in a mass grave in the middel of the hot hell-like dessert. ‘Stranger’ is near death but is saved by a couple of Indian/Mexican halfbreeds (if that’s what they are). They use him as a medium, becouse he’s has «seen the other side» and they feel an obligation to serve him, so they join him as his sidekicks. His wishes are they’re comand and the trio follows after the bastards who has betraied him to get back the gold and also some sweet revenge. They end up in a cynical ghost-town that the weird Indian halfbreeds calls; ‘The Unhappy Place’. Stranger finds his old friends and get’s his revenge, well sort of. Let me put it this way; when you ride into this town with a bigger amount of gold, youre’ life is not safe, not even when you are a band of thirty dirty spaghetti western killers, raiders and rapeists. And ‘Stranger’ also learns; that his old friends is not what he should be worrying about, any more.

‘Django Kill’ is an obscure spaghetti western cult-classic, known for it’s gory ultra violence (be on the lookout for the scalping-sceen) and gothic horror-like atmosphere-even surrealness. The bodycount is high, both on the ground and in the gallows. We also get an awsome soundtrack, and an akwardly bad dubbed lady who sings in the bar. As a bonus we get a raiding band of sharp dressed gays who perfomes an off-camera rape and the last i can think of is;a mixed up plot (at least for a b-movie drunk). A much enjoyable spaghetti western and it’s really one of my favorites.