JWD: Death Spa (1987)

Uh…I did become pretty drunk, yo! I did. Im slightly sober right now, but im getting there..

Ok, this is what i remember; this spa is hunted, i mean like damn, by the female owner (??), but the spa is still owned by the late lady’s husbond. And her brother is also kinda involved in the movie, at least there is a brother part in here. I just now watched the trailer to see if i could get some drunken flashbacks and i did. At least a little. ‘Death Spa’ is a true cheese-fest in it’s purest form that scearms and shakes you of the 80’s until’ you’re stuck in the decade. It got a bunching 80’s-soundtrack that does alot of the cheese and nostalgia job, training outfits and steriotypes that couldent get more 80’s and last but not least; a high entertaining gore and spessial effects level, lot’s of it!! What more cant i say. I dont’ remember much more. Uh…I said hi to my dad-in-law earlier this evening while walking Ulf; my b-dog. He was going into town for a beer and i could have offered to drive him into town, but i allready had a cold one. He didnt’ mind though, he like hitchiking into town, when he wants to see what is happening, ‘everybody’ around here knows who he is. I cut the weeds on our hill today, lot’s of it and it’s hard to get rid off. Hopes he sees it and think i’v done an ok job. I am planing to see this movie again, but i just dont know when that will happen. I guess we’ll give it a;