Review: Vengeance of the Zombies (1973)

With the beat of a badass groovy score this cheezy madness makes me happy to be a b-movie buff.

dvdvengeance“VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES” (La Rebelion de las Muertas)

Director: Leon Klimovsky
Stars: Paul Naschy, Rommy, Mirta Miller
Distributor: Victory Films
Runtime: 90 mins

“It’s obvious that whoever is behind all these murders is a lunatic. A lunatic who believes in and practices black magic.”


I’m really not sure how to describe the plot. The charismatic Guru Krisna Sanatis (Yep, that’s his name) helps a grieving woman with the loss of her best friend. While staying at his house, a mix-up of satanism, zombies, murder and hallucination makes the poor woman…well…a bit uncomfortable.


Naschy is playing three roles in this movie that…he wrote himself. The cheeze-factor is high, and the creativity is even higher. It’s fun all the way! It’s brutal, messy and combines a cacaphony of religion and superstition. Indian religion combined with voodoo set in England with spanish audio. The zombies attack in slow-motion to great effect. The acting is over-the-top, the story is a crazy mix up of all types of horror, and I Love it!