JWD:Evil Bong 2: King Bong (2009)

Shit, yo!! I was so wasted when i put this one in the player, cant almost remember shit.

What i mostly remember actually was that i liked it a whole lot better then the first one and that i laughed alot and had a really good time on this ride. I can remember ‘Larnell’; the main stoner who is always so hilariously serious like; «WHOOOOOW DUDE…». He’s such a character. I think his grandfather was there too; the grumpy wheelchair-grandpa who always put’s him down in front of his stoner-friends. I also remeber that the jock from the first movie has gotten fat and eats bad stuff and of course the little hottie ‘Luann’, played by the Evil Bong/ Gingerdead Man-diva; Robin Sydney… Well, ‘Larnell and some dudes/ babes travles to some jungle to get some good shit to smoke, though there is actually quite little Bong in this movie (i think), but a whole lot more humor… i think. And Oh…’The Gingerdead man’ also apare…i think.