JWD: Three the Hard Way (1974)

U Scared ? U scared for white rappers? What about native AMERICAN rappers?? Slurping beers, son?!

I do… wasting my self with an acking right welding-eye.. Gotta open my self a last fuckinng beer. Let me be straight; i guess i’v seen the most racistic blaxploitation flick in history. It’s like EVERBODY hates black folks…sort of. This terrorist-union..clan…Jews(?) Christians(?), has crated a cemical weapon that can kill all black people (genocide). I dont like that stuff, and suddendly all white people are wearing the SS logo and drinking German beer….i guess we’re evil then.

One of my fave badasses; Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson is one of da’ braddas’, wich is always satisying, even if the movie is good or not. ‘Three The Hard Way’ is actually a really good blaxploitation flick with good directing, badass action and i sympatise with my black brother. Im grown up…i guess. You bitch to me, im bitch to u. Blaxploitaion is a lesson; loyalty, brotherhood. Damn, im beer-fucked. All shit’s aside, im drunk yo! You could come up to me and get my love. I dont want enemyes, ehy, shit this is a good-ass blaxploitation flick..give it a; 4,5/6. Been listening to ‘Blaze Ya Dead Homie’, by the way; this movie also has the best damn soul music i’v ever heard, i dont listen that much to soul music, but the soundtrack made me wanna check out more of the Soul. Did this review make any sense to you? Well, I reckon you check out the trailer. Much love??