JWD: Hands of Steel (1986)

Second time i see this. The ultimate macho-cyborg romance flick.

We are in the future (from a 1986-point of view, so it just as well might be in the past) and this cyborg is created for political/govermental purpous to kill of a revolutionist leader. You see, we are heading towards total destuction (or somthing). But the war veteran, who nearly lost his life in a war in 1987-where he lost all his limbs layed in a coma for months and ended up as being turned in to a cyborg (30% man, 70% machine)-finds a soft spot in his hart and get away with only almost killing this revolutionist leader. We are realy in the future here; we got acid rain and stuff. The cyborg; ‘Paco’ ends up at this dying sleazy motel, out in the Texas wastelands. And he meets a woman who brings fort the human in him with her compasion. But first he must go trough alot of arm-wrestling and fire-wood choping. AND last but not least; he must do a whole lot of running from his past. ‘Hands Of Steel’ is more then a well worth 80’s_chesse-mullet fest, staring cool recognisable b-movie actors shuch as; that blond chick from ‘Eaten Alive’ (the cannibal movie), (an always well-performing) John Saxon and George Eastman, in what must be his most macho-sweaty sexy role. He’s like the ultimate alpha male and i will from now on-strive to be like him in this movie. The soundtrack is really cool (melancolic minmalistic 80’s synt) and the cheesy dated spessial effects- that is suposed to look futuristic rocks my world (…or is it just the booz) And last but not least; the action; sweaty and damn badass, that’ll make you wanna grow youre own mullet. Man, i love it. Weeeeell; the soundtrack alone makes me give it a another half a point.