JWD: Desert Commandos (1967)

‘Attentato Ai Tre Grandi’!! Is the true title of this old-ass macaroni-combat, directed by Umberto Lenzi.

Macaroni-Combat; i just love all those weird, geeky name-droppings on all those dear sub-genre of oures and i guess it’s the one of the verry last you’ll brows trough after you’re done checking out genres like; horror (dah..), exploitation, spaghetti western, giallo, euro-crime, post apocalyptic, blaxploitation/bruceploitation, ect. Trade-marke on these european (often Italian) war-movies, is that it often looks like they have struggled to make them look like American productions, wich only leves them with an own spessial b-brand and BOOM, you have youre self another sub-genre for us b-movie geeks to hump on like some filthy horny dog. This one takes place in the hot deserts of Morocco, during WW-II and we follow four German soldiers on a mission to assainated; Churchill, Rossevelt and De Gaulle. It’s a character-flix wich really put their belifs and personal morals on the test (also among the group them selfs), when they team up with some local nomads and some French-gyes. One of the soldiers are actualy a German-American from New-York. He’s sort our main gye, played by Horst Frank; an actor im personly not a verry big fan of, i just dont like his movie aparence that much. The movie is quite entertaining and it has alot of thrilling combat and action sequences (…off course) and i could almost feel the agonising heat that those actors and crew most have endoured and it made my feel with them, both as characters in the movie and as actuall actors. The climax and the ending as well, was really smart and it really caught me off gard. Over all; a good macaroni_flick, that didnt blow me to bits like the other Italian classics i’v seen like; ‘Battle Force’ (Umberto Lenzi), ‘Eagles Over London’ and ‘Inglourious Bastards (both by Enzo G Castellari).