JWD: Bruce Lee The Star of All Stars (1976)

This bruceploitation really got me hungry for some yummy oriental food, wich i havent’ had in good while, and im broke, im drunk and i dont live in the city and it’s in the middle of the night, so i just better forget about it. Well, i did find a peace of pork that had alot of good spices on it and it was the closest thing i got to oriental food right now. I’v drank all my beers and im thirsty; cos’ of the pork.

Well (i actually hate that fill-in-word), the plot in this shameless Bruceploitation flick is about one of his students, played by ‘Bruce Li’ (who looks completly like the legend him self and acts like him as well) who is left behind after his masters death (Bruce Lee) and is determend to find out what really happend to him (I think the Illuminati did), wich sends him on a personal mission down a road of an extermly bad sub-title that is unreadable, comfucing plot, lame sound efects and alot of names and shit. Who the fuck is this «Betty Chang» they always keep mentioning, i saw her several times, but couldnt’ make out her pourpes in this movie. You see there is alot of dialog (in Chinese, Taiwanese, or Singaporian…or some shit) but most of the english sub-title was unreadable. The soundtrack was kinda good tough and the camerawork was good as well. I red in a movie-review on Amazon that this movie has a constant combat-sequence and that it isnt’ really good. I say fuck that! The fighting sequence are brilliant. The martial art scenes in the bruceploitation universe is what makes these movie have any value at all. Well, i liked this one. Who feels sexy tonight?? I really gotta call it. …hmm…Gotta give it a…uh… 4/6 and then im being nice. Next time i get down to watch a bruceploitation flick i’ll try to have some orinental food.