JWD: America 3000 (1986)

‘America 3000’ is an overfloded-with-cheese post apocalyptic comedi/adventure, but it’s also very violent and bloody, with a high bodycount and hard-boiled action.

About 900 hundred years after the nuking between Russia and the U.S (that must have happend in the 1980’s), women rule our destroyed planet. Or at least Colorado, now a dry hot wastland. Humanity, well, us men, has fallen back to the primitive stone age and women rule supreme as amazon-like warriors on horse-backs (???), while men are collected in the wastlands and brought back to the village as slaves. A couple of the gyes has found out; that enough is enough and manage to escape back into the wastlands. There they cross borders they havent cross before and as they travel through wrecks of ancient cars and busses, they find the thing that will start the revelution, that will stop post-apocalyptic feminisim; a childs book about the ABC’s. Slowly, or rather fast really, they learn to read and starts to gathering troops in the wastlands to fight against the tyrany of the ‘amazons’.

The killing of women is actually quite frantic in this movie and a little shocking, actually, becouse of the contrast of the other comical elements. I really dug the hairy bigfoot-like man-eating beast, by the way-even though im verry unsure of what his purpose in this movie really is. He just pops up randomely, but he’s cool and damn entertaning, so i really didnt give a damn. We also get to hear the cool saga about the time before the bomb (when the U.S had a president), told by the Amazon-tribe’s elder medisin-woman. The soundtrack is mainly instrumental rock music; it’s so cheesy when the main-gye, cant remember his name, finds a working cassette-player and uses it as a ‘tactic weapon’. He also finds other cool post apocalyptic stuff to wear in battle. But if the two sexes really kills each other off, can there be any more hope for humanity?

Yupp, ended up loving it! Time for more beer!!