JWD: The Driller Killer (1979)

So i,v finaly seen this ‘Video-Natsty’, the cult classic ‘The Driller Killer’.

It,s know for it,s graphic contents and not beeing a verry good Picture. Well, i think that,s wrong…allrigth it,s a graphic movie, thats true, but it,s not a bad picture, i really enjoyed it! It,s about this gye, in what must be New York, this strugeling painting-artist, a real under-dog, who slowely starting loosing it. He,s not drunk, he,s not high (not that he dont want to, he just dont have any Money anymore) he just turning nutty as a fruit-cake. If he was an uncomfortabel gye from the start of the Movie he,s turning (even more) schizo/paranoid as we follow him trough out the Movie. It,s a verry cheesy and dated Movie, but at the end of the day that just a bonus for us b-Movie geeks. I kinda dug the” Iggy and Stooges-like” soundtrack too. I whould recomend ‘The Driller Killer’ for fans of slasher-movies, exploitation-fliks and fans of 70,- Movies set in urban environments.