JWD: The Burning (1981)

The vicious caretaker, ‘Cropsy’, at this summer camp for kids and youths are in for the scare (burn) of his lifetime

We do not get alot of his background, but he must have been a real mean bastard to deserve what’s coming for him. The older kids at ‘Camp Blackfoot’ are out to prank him douring his sleep, scare the living shit out of him with a maggot infected skull, but end’s up almost killing him (and they would have done him a favor). Cropsy bearly survives, burnd to the unreconizable and spending four agonazing years at hospital, recovering. Once out he has only one thing on his mind; reveange, but before that; some pussy-extra slashed. The kids who made him into a monster-like cold blooded killer has grown and Cropsy finds him self some other kids and another camp.

If you are a slasher-fan, you must have heard about the Burning, it’s said to be one of the greatest slashers ever made and it does lives up to the praising words. It’s as cheesy and dated as an 80’s slasher can be, full of akward clieches and tradic/comic steriotypes, with an atmospheric soundtrack and a more then satisfying gore-level and spessial effects done by the mastro him self; Tom Savini. The story also, though simple, works really well. It’s also worth mentioning that Jason Alexander (George of Seindfeldt) has quite a big part in this movie and it’s really fun to see him as an early 80’s summer camp youth. My favorit youth in this flick though is; ‘Woodstock’, played by Fisher Stevens. I dont know why, but he’s just such a character and i would love hanging out with him on camp if i where an 80’s youth as well. He’s just this gye that you feel that you knew when you where a youngster. Then you of course have ‘Glazer’, played by Larry Joshua; the camps badass-bully that you just cant help but love to hate. I could go on but, i’ll call it a night; B-movie drunks get’s tired to you know.

P.S if you dont like gardening scissors; stay clare of this movie.

P.P.S Dont forget your beers, it will help you travel even more into the 80’s cheese.