JWD: Puppet Master 3: Toulon’s Revenge (1991)

Loved the locations and the fake backgrounds!

In this prequal we’re in Berlin during the second world-war and we get an even deeper background-story on Toulon, the puppet master. The nazis has discovered Toulon’s Secret and will do anyting to get to his Powers… you know nazis. In the crossfire, Toulon’s biggest love and soulmate get’s killed and all hell brakes loose on those poor nazis. In PM-3 we get to heng With this puppets; ‘Blade’, ‘Jester’, ‘Pinhead’, ‘Tunneler’, ‘Leech Woman’, and ‘Six-Shooter’. The acting in this Movie is good and i was really impressed by the boy/man/girl-actor who played ‘Peter Herzt’; a Young boy who Toulon is kind of a mentor-figure for. I was a little confused about his sex, he looked kinda weird, but he was a fine actor. Not the best i,ve ever seen, but he really went into his charater. A creepy, entertaining and another good Puppet Master movie..