JWD: Puppet Master 2 (1990)

A very good sequal and i found out that i’v actually seen this one, rented it as a kid on VHS (I might have seen part 4 too, i’ll find out when i get to it).

The puppet master is resurected by his puppets, as a talking mummie and there is a new man, obs, i ment puppet, on the team, his name is torch and has a flamethrower-arm…COOL!! I think this one is very similar to the first puppet master-movie, when it comes to the atmosphere and American horror-nostaligia. Only that it’s taken to new level with more puppets a more detailed background story and a resurected puppet-master. The horror elements to are really effective, quite gory and even scary to watch and i really enjoyed the climax. And we’re at the same awesome hotel as the first one, but it actually looks cooler and creepier in the first movie. PM-2 has more to offer then the first one, so to speak, but still i liked the first one even more, it,s more minimalsitic but so high on atmosphere. Still, PM-2 is a good puppet master-movie that i recommend and i would watch it again. Oh and i forgot; we get a really cool puppet-autopsy and other cool puppet-mayhem.