JWD: Puppet Master (1989)

1989. I was six years old and went to pre-School. Oh, and ‘Puppet Master’ came out.

I,ve always heard about this series, and been wanting to see this movies for year, but as the name got lost do to the closing up of all video-stores, i,v forgotten about them. I did actually see ‘Puppet Master-2’ as a kid, rented it on VHS, yellow big-Box. Well, well. I,v always thought the ‘Puppet Master’ Movies was from the 80’s, obviously i was wrong. The first one is from 89. The rest is from the 90’s and even the 2000’s (i Guess). Well well…blah..blah..blah. SO… yoy know what!? I loved this horror-b-classic! It starts With this old puppet master back in 1939 and there is really something Tjekkian about him, i guess he,s seposed to be and i think he’s the same actor who played the “puppet master” in ‘Dolls’ (1987). Well he,s quite a magician who has learned an anciant Egyptian spell who can wake dead Things (non-flesh and blood) to life. During WW2 the nazis wants the Secret and later in 1989, some psychics wants the Secret to the late Puppet Master. Ok, this is a great nostalgic and atmosphereic American horror that took me right back to childhood. Yeah. Loved this one. WORSHIP the soundtrack!!…loved the locations too..