JWD: Lucker the Necrophagous (1986)

Im a fan of shot-on-video horror films and some of the cooler ones i love watching are; ‘Cannibal Camp out’ (of course), ‘Woodchipper Massacre’, ‘Sledgehammer’, ‘Horror House On Highway 5’, ‘Splatter Farm/Splatter Beach’. ‘Video Violence 1&2’ and ‘Redneck Zombies’. But this one was a tough pill┬áto swallow.

It,s an European flik, from Belgium and it,s about this maniac Necrophiliac who several years ago killed eight women in one night before he layed them to rot and then raped them four months later. In other Words, we got a hardcore necrophiliac on Our hands. And guess what…his on the loose. I tryed to relax watching a flik and having some beers, then my dad-in-Law start to water all this plants around , witnessing all the sleaze on screen, leaving me to feel really stupid. He finaly leavs the house to start his vacation. But them my girlfriend dumps Down beside me and starting to complain about the “anoying audio”, picks up her mobil and starts to play youtube-videos With sound and im like ,what the fuck!! GIVE ME SOME FUCKING GEEK-TIME!!!!

I got angry, she left and i tryed to enjoy this piece of crap. I later find out that i really wasnt’ that angry on my girlfriend, i was frustrated over how big piece of crap this Movie is. Yes it,s sleazy, yes it,s gory and yes it,s truly shocking (a short oral-sex scene With a four month old corpse). But it,s just soooo boring and soooo crappy. But i Guess i,ll try it again some time.