JWD: Grotesk (2013)

When ever i see splatter movies, it’s movies like this that reminds me of why im a fan of the genre.

And movies like ‘Redneck Zombies’, or ‘Cannibal Campout’ or ‘Splatter Farm’ or ‘Bad Taste’ (Of course!!), or the true old school Olaf Ittenbach_stuff…wich this movie reminds me verry much about. This Danish splatter B-tribute starts out with some extra terestial mutant-infekted silme hitting earth…at the costline of Denmark. The slime has some overwelming agressive bakteria stuff in it, that turns some fisherman of some sort into an extremly blood and gore thirsty badass-looking, deformed, unreverseible axe-swinging mutant…that most be stopped (!) by some secret American service that is more than happy to splatter off the guest at this camping where the mutant is hiding out, killing of camping-guest himself and aparently having a good time with it.

This Danish goodtimer is an overwelming toung_in_Cheek splatter-fest with strong early Olaf Ittenbach_vibes. …OH, the special effects!!