JWD: Puppet Master 6: Curse of the Puppet Master (1998)

Our favorite puppets has a new puppet master, again.

This time it’s a puppet-maker named; Dr. Magrew who is the self-claimed master of the living puppets. He treats them friendly enough, but keeps them caged most of the time. You see he studies them, in hopes of gaining Frankenstein-ish skills so he can make he’s own living puppets to make some extra cash. Dr. Magrew hires the local hick. A young crafted man named Robert, with a passion of carwing wood, but who still is looked apon as “slow” by the towns-folk and the local bad-ass bullies who are in they’re mid/late 20’s, but who still has nothing better to do; then to bullie poor Robert around and trying to steal aways his new sweethart, Dr. Magrew’s daugther. And if that aint’ enough, Dr Magrew, his (hottie) daughter and Robert it’s taunted by this overkill-sleazy shreiff and his asshole-deputy.

‘Curse Of The Puppet master’, is the sixed in the series and it’s one of those movies that i didnt’ really know if it’s ment to be ‘toung-in-cheek’ or if it’s just overloaded with cheese and hurtful, used up cliches. And even though it’s atmospheric and the goriest one i,ve seen in the series so far, i felt like the puppets were just exstras and we see waaay to much of the cliche-like characters, even thoug- Robert makes it kinda worth while. Didnt’ dig this one to much, and i hope the rest of the remaining puppet master movies will climb again and become better, like the three and-kinda four first movies.