JWD: Killer Crocodile (1989)

I saw three movies last night, so let’s start With the first one.

We follow this greenpeace-ish group on a raft on some river in South-America, probably the Amazon. They are scientist and find radioactive waste in the water and cynical Company owners are to blame. The waste has killed alot of animal-life but also helped a crocodile to grow into a huge man-eating monster. Eventually they team up With a Lee Van Cleef-lookalike swamp-kinda gye who have lived alone in the swamp for the last thirty years. He’s the badest bad-ass in the world and makes Charles Bronson look’s like a diaper-baby, he even feed himself to the crocodile to finish it off. I wanted to watch more horror-movies in the waters cos’ it’s still summer…for a while. I really enjoyed this cheesy wanna-be American, Italian flik. It has awkward over-the-top acting, jaw-dropping dubbing, cool soundtrack graphic crocodile-feasting and a bad-ass, sooooo fake rubber/plastic crock! Loved the Crock!