JWD: Jaws 2 (1978)

Saw ‘Jaws 2’ (1978) for the first time in, i Guess 15-18 years.

As many kids during the 70,s , 80,s and 90,s i kinda grew up on these movies and held them Close to my hart, but i,ve always been a little scared to swim or even be alone in deep waters ever since i has intreduced to these movies. ‘Jaws-2’ was not directed by Steven Spielberg but we still follow the charismatic actor Roy Scheider as ‘sheriff Brady’ and his famile. The acting in this one is really good and so are the story and the characters, you kinda get to know them all and even feel With them in all theyr’e average-life-drama, even when the shark is not eating them. In many ways ‘J2’ follows the tradition and the ‘feel’ of the original and it,s a likable sequal. I would have liked to see the shark feast even more on the swimmers, surfers/waterskiers and the island-fishermen, though.