JWD: Demonic Toys (1992)

Another saturday night, it’s 00.45 am and i been farting, drinking beers and anoyed myself over the crappy sound connection between my blu-ray player and our new main_flat-screen.

And i felt like watching a fullmoon Feature tonight, seense it’s; fullmoon’! Not all movies are badly recived with our new flat screen, just saw a crappy version of Jess Franco’s ‘Cannibal Mondo’ the other night, a bootleg-ish vhs_dvd_ripp-off and nothing (bad with the sound)! Gosh, i hate that dilema. Fullmoon-Boss; Charles Band (creator of the ‘Pupper Master-series’, ‘Evil Bong’ and ‘Gingerdead Man’) did the atmospheric soundtrack, produced and other shit with this cult-classic. …Where the fuck is my last beer!? Drank it!? Ah, here it is. POP!! Ah, Cheers!! Allright; ill be straight! This was a ‘Fullmoon Feature’ i really dug! Liked it alot! (I also love the Puppet Master movies).

Well, there is this cross-fireing between a couple of undercover cops (who are lovers on the free time, no they are not homosexuals; this is man and a woman) and some no-good thugs. The shoot-out ends up in this toy-factory and awakens some demon from hell who possesses some of the toys. And soon all this different people are involved and locked up in this toy-factory, wich is too bad, cos’ for every victim who is layed bleeding on this gigant pentagram, the stronger the demon grows.

Closing off; I was so charmed by the flik. My kind of a Fullmoon-movie; The killer-toys, the soundtrack, the gore/slime, the cheesy 90’s-characters, the dry morbid humor, the location, the quality of the picture, everything. The lady cop i reconiced from some old ass shows like ‘T.J Hooker’, ‘Dallas’ or ‘Dynasty’ or something, but i dont care to google her right now, it’s to late. Also, the seposed-to-be-badass with a leather jacket and a kinda’ bully-attitiude, who works at this chicken-frenchise (you just got to have an attitude problem when you’re wearing a leather jacket in a b-movie, right)!? Well; i reconiced that gye from other 90’s b-flixs, must have seen him in a flik called ‘Firestorm’!! Well, didnt’ catch his name, but i’ll google him in the morning; cool gye and im glad he’s in this movie. I wonder what other stuff he’s been up to. Child actor Daniel Cerny, known from ‘Children Of The Corn III’ is also in this cult classic and i think he does a great job. I like that child actor.

So; im out of beer, see ya’ dudes!