JWD: Bigfoot Wars (2014)

Ok, it was time check out what this fuzz is all about.

I have read four of the Bigfoot War books by Eric S. Brown. I also have book five, but i’v lost it and i never got the chance to read it. Let’s just hope it wil pop up and that my dad-in-law didnt’ throw it away when we were living on his farm. The first thing i’v notised with this movie was that they have change the name of the town from the originale ‘Bubble Creek’ to Boggy Creek, yeah, a real town with a rich and world famous bigfoot-activity. Check out ‘Legend Of Boggy Creek’ (1972), one of my favorit movies.

We are in the south, but where? Well, i guess it’s up for you to deside. In my mind we are in ‘Fouke’, where the real Boggy Creek is located, that’s cool to pretend. While in the original Bigfoot Wars-book we are in North Carolina, i think it was. Let me just say that it was kinda hard getting in to this movie (at first). Only becouse it opens with a naked lovly young southern-bell’s naked ass. I actually had to freez the image to jerk it, man. Ok, i had that out of my system, i had another beer and i pressed play and then we are in this jeep with a bunch of fucking anoying youths. I hated theire’ guts and couldnt’ wait for them to be ripped apart. But then the young Yankee-blondy drops her pantys and i had to sture the milkshake ones again. Thats right; im weak. I cant handle seeing a lovley girls ass with out my jeans getting creamed-and i came on my god damn ‘Chopping Mall’-T-shirt.

I kinda understod that this movie is sort of a prequel to the first Bigfoot War-book and i didnt’ recognize much from the book. But the ending kinda made sense with the first novel. But, the tradtition was verry true to the book-series. And that is that it’s verry fast-paced, toung-in-cheek and verry gory and ultra-violent. We follow the towns sherrif wich fills us in with his refelcting over-view in a story-telling style, wich gives a verry cool atmosphere to the movie. And he also, while the movie is running gets some personal issues with the hairy dudes. And the sherrif and a deputy are so lucky to get a drunken and pot-happy bigfoot-hunting-veteran, played by C. Thomas Howell, which i rememberd as one of the bike-rideing boys in ‘E.T’ on the team. (what is the deal with his illuminati tatto on his neck)?

Bigfoot Wars is verry cheap looking, it almost looks like an ‘Asylm’-movie to me, only a little more ‘worked on’, you know. And another actor i reconised was the doctor. Cant remember his name, but didnt he play in the ‘Breakfest Club’??. But, hey over all; this was a verry satisfing and entertaing bigfoot-movie and i sooo i hope that the will make more of them and kinda follow the saga, they must!! I of course had to listen to some Troglydyte (Bigfoot-based death metal band) while wrigthing this review. But after the album ‘Welcome To Boogy Creek (Of course), i got tired of it and desided to listen to some ‘Hellbound Glory’ and open another beer. Let’s hope i dont get a big hungover tomorrow and that my little lady wont hate me! HELLBOUND GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!