JWD: Mondo Cannibale (1980)

Drunk, having spotifi issusies! I’ll try to restart my mobile! Fuck! Please dont fuck, spotifi, have i not payed you?? fuck!!!

Well, this Jess Franco cannibal flik is the, uh, im shuch a crap-head! This married couple travles the amzonas with theyre, young daughter. The couple and the crew, wich are sooo badly dubbed are over-run by local cannibals. The wifey is eaten alive, the husbond is captured alive and the young cute daughter (in a fatherly-way) who is hiding behind some leather chairs in theyre’ boat is left unfound and safe in the boat…And then she’s suddenly ends up unconscious in the wildreness river, being picked up by the local ,soooo..crappy looking,¬†cannibals (???) Her father ends with an eaten arm but manage to escape, crying to some high society people to join him on an ecspedition to save his daughter (about six years later or so- and by then; the daughter has turned in to a hot blond-teen-cannibal-godess, who is said to be played by an actress who Franco really REALLY¬†hated to work with). And the Father has also had the same young female shrink/docter, who suddenly wants him, but he just cant you know, becouse he’s still thining about his eaten alive-wife and his still missing daughter (of course). But after six years or so, with that little doctor-chick clinging to his side, he finaly gives in and fucks her. Acording to Jess Franco and cannibal-movie_fans alike; this is suposed to be the worst cannibal movie ever made. And yeah; it pretty much sucks. But it’s stil enjoyable. I am pretty drunk here and quite buisy finishing my last beer and listen to one of my dream girls ( Wendy O Williams), The Pasmatics!!
So lets not get to deep and just say that; this bottom of the dumpster-bad_ cannibal movie is actualy worth while, if you u have enough of beer laying around.