JWD: Graveyard Disturbance (1987)

Lamberto Bava, son of the legendary Italain cult-director; Mario Bava and a cult-director-legend himself (and who helped out on several of his fathe’s movies), is the man behind this gothic graveyard-horror/comedi.

We of course follow these youths; «to cool to be true»-80’s kids who after some shop-lifting; jump in their 80’s painted-van (Judas Priest, Kizz, Heavy Metal, Madonna ect, ect) and gets lost on the road and ends up at this spookie place. They get lost in the mist or what ever and ends up at this huge gothic castle and desides to spend the night. As the dark night grows older, they come across this medevil tavern and goes in to the creepy place to get some beer and some food….did i mention beer!?

There they deside to play a little game, aranged by the crypyic keeper of the place. The cat and mouse game begins when one of the youths descends down in the crypt wich goes deeper and deeper and legend has it that it ends up in a certain place called Hell.

Graveyard Disturbance is a fun, entertaining and atmosperic ride to the cemetery and beyond; We’ll get alot of one-liners; both that works and some that falls flat to the ground, but who still made my laugh, becouse what they say and do is sepose to be funny but it just ends up being lame and cheesy.

What really saves this forgotten and obscure flik is the thick cryptic atmosphere (and soundtrack) and all the-under-the-cemetery-eye candy plus wich looks really amazing. Another worth while autumnal horror (comedi)!