JWD: Endgame (1983)

Now gentlemen; we’ll watch the game——-open up a some cold ones and watch; Endgame.

Another post apocalyptic flick by Joe D’Amato (I think he only made two,right). We are in a futuristic 2025 and i think the world has been nuked in 2012. The world’s population has of course minimelised, but it’s not completly extinct, couse ‘ five million people is watching the; ‘ENDGAME’ ,acording to the U.S athority. Endgame; a reallity-tv show in the post apocalyptic world that follows seven-times-world champion; ‘Shannon’ against three or four other cheesy post apocalyptic warriors who is trying to hunt Shannon down and kill him of so one of them can become the new champion. Well, in what is seposed to be the subway or underworld of New York or somthing, he rescues a beatiful nomad woman (Laura Gemser) from poor hungry and horny cannibal-mutants. She kinda sets him up and he is forced to break of the game and help her rescue a bunch of other (nice) mutants who looks a little to much like jews douring WW2 an whom is hunted domn by the ‘SS’ (secret service…or somthing) who looks completly like the Gestapo. You, see; Laura Gemser is one of those mutants and she can send telepaitic tought into any one she desire; like Shannon’s. Well, safely out of New York (hehehe…’New York’ my ass), they discover that the outside world is kinda like a desert-like wastland, only that to we who are watching, it looks much more like an Europeian agricultural landskape in the autumn with southern Europaen-like industrial storage places here and there where they find stupid-made up mutants like a blind-munk brotherhood and ‘in-evlution’-mutants who is slowly trurning back to apes and…fish (???) We get to se Laura Gemser’s titts (of course; it’s Laua Gemser) and she get’s raped by a big bad…fishman..? But i kinda chear for him, poor (fish) gye, let him have some fun you know, in this monoton post apocalyptic world.

George Eastman has a rolle in this movie wich is always cool and the soundtrack is primitive, badass and synt-ish like in most 80’s post apocalyptic movies. But, the main (amusing) problem with this flik is that; it’s one of those movie that tries sooo to hard hard to be dead-seriouse, but fails, BIGTIME! Just take a look at all the characters, one of them even has to dress up like a viking barabarian, juuuust becouse it’s a post apocalyptic movie. But, hey, i dont hold that against the movie-it’s people like me who have the urge to watch this stuff. I mean…i LOVE this crap! …And Joe D’amato is using the name; Steve Benson to appare more appeling for the U.S market…HAHA!! To be honest; one of the most stupid and cheesey post apocalyptic movies i have ever seen. But still worth while with some trusty colde ones; what else are you seposed to do on monday night. ‘This reveiw was given to you by LIFELUS. Dont delay; buy it today’.