Review: The Fan (1982)

The favourite movie of one of Japans worst cannibalistic serial-killer. True story!

blu“THE FAN” (Der Fan)

Director: Eckhart Schmidt
Stars: Desiree Nosbusch, Bodo Staiger, Simone Brahmann
Distributor: Mondo Macabro
Runtime: 94 mins

“You needn’t worry that I’m after your money or your fame. I would love and stand by you even if you were poor and unknown.”


A young teen girl is an over-the-top fan of the pop-star “R”. She is sending him letters and waiting eagerly for a reply. Her obsession gets her in trouble both at home and at school. She decide to run away and meet him in M√ľnich. They do, and he’s just using her for a one night stand. Treating her as shit, she gets her revenge.


A very interesting german movie from the 80’s. Director Eckhart Schmidt does an excellent job describing the fully fledged teenage obsession of the idol of her dreams. Intense, cold, disturbing, macabre and well acted by the leading role. The synth-pop soundtrack is played by the German band “Rheingold”, with their front man as the egosentric “R”. The link to Hitler and how the masses blindly followed him is present all the way. Highly recommended German oddity with a brutal twist!


It’s nice to see Mondo Macabro out on BLU. The quality is very fine on both picture and sound. The extras include an interview with the director, lots of information and a trailer-reel.