Review: Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

After the success of “Easy Rider”, it looks like the producers trusted every hippie with a psyched-out script to make a movie.

letsdvd“Let’s Scare Jessica to Death”

Director: John Hancock
Stars: Zohra Lampert, Barton Heyman, Kevin O’Connor
Distributor: Warner Brothers
Runtime: 88 mins

“Come Jessica! Follow, follow me. Follow, follow me.”


After beeing institusionalized for a while, Jessica, her boyfriend and his friend takes over the feared Bishop-mansion to start a new life. When they arrive, a mysterious hippie-girl has settled in, and they let her stay. But strange things happen, and people in the nearby town behave strangely. Is it all in Jessica’s mind or is something creepy unveiling?


This is a pretty strange film, and not necessarily in a good way. Did not like the lead actress at all, her facial expressions looked really misplaced most of the time. I feel there was something going, but they blew it with bad acting, too weird plot and waaaaaaay too much voiceover (“Jessica! Jessica! I’m here Jessica! Follow me Jessica Jessica Jessica….”). I almost thought I heard voices in my own head at the end. Some nice symbolic imagery and probably a good idea, but I got a bit let down this time.