JWD: The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (1971)

The hottie and tempteres Edwige Fenech, plays this young lady who likes to have fun and have several men in her life, for pleasure and fun.

One of her men is an sadistic eks that she tries to run away from, but some how she is also turned on by his terror and likes to be treated ruff (including rape and and having sex in broken glass).
She also have an afair with a bad-ass ladies-man; ,spaghetti western icon ‘George Hilton’, who runs around in a cowboy-like jacket (probably for obvious reasons). And then it’s her boring new husband who appearantly is a nice gye.

This was an splendid giallo; with stylish (and kinda gory) murders, nice camerwork,70’s-fashion, a truly eerie soundtrack and atmosphere and a brilliant climax.

DAMN IT!!! Spilled my beer! No no no!! Not on my dad-in-law’s carpet! Shit! And it was my last beer to!