JWD: Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust (2008)

«Gingy» is finaly back, but maybe he just could have stayed in the cookie jar.

So far i’ve seen six of the «Puppet Master»_flix and they dont’ feel out of place; even though some of them are better the some of the others. «Gingerdead Man»_movies though, well. The first flick i saw was; ‘Gingerdead man V.S Evil Bong’ and it was really kinda cool. Then i saw ‘Gingerdead Man’ (2005) and i really liked it, though it sort of felt a little out of place, but i liked it a little more then the ‘Gingerdead Man V.S Evil Bong’. But «Gingy-2» was really out of place, Though kinda cool that one also. ‘Gingy’ suddenly turns up in a box of sweet cakes at this movie set. Dont ask me the name of the company or studio, i’v been drinking beers and im kinda tired. And i really gotta’ piss.

Well though; The studio gets a visit from «End Of The Rainbow»; a sort of good-Will institution who fullfills dying youths and childrens last wish. And a 27 year old mans last wish is to see the studio to whom who has made his favorit movies; goofy cheesy b-movie, just like Fullmoon Features and Troma. And the president of the movie company is an almost bankrupt moviemaker who has taken over his deceased fathers company, who was a passionate low-buget moviemaker. And where does «Gingy» fit in in all off this? Well, i really dont know, but he ends up in this b-movie studio with a lot of dry/juicey characters that made me smile akwardly. But he entertains and looks a litt more alive, kinda, then in the first movie and suddenly all of these cool other puppet’s wokes to life and that’s kinda cool.

And also, this movie kinda has a massage. And that is; there is a loooot of sicko_b-movie-stalker-fans out there who is a little to much into the stuff that other people make…like yours truly. Well yeah, i liked this one, but it didnt’ give me a FULLMOON orgasm. I was sharmed though, cos’ it’s FULLMOON.