JWD: Evil Bong (2006)

Three potheads and theire’ nerd-roommate gets theire’ hands on a possessed bong which will give the ultimate die_High.

Ones you take a drag from the ‘Evil Bong’, her evilness with the name, Eebee’ you will enter her bong-world where hot naked strippers are waiting for you to pleasure you before you get killed of.
Suddenly Tommy Chong showes up in the potheads room claiming the bong is his and that it was stolen from him back in the sixties and that it has a voodoo-curse. The new owners gets high and and battle against Eebbee’ begins.

‘Evil Bong’ must be the lamest and silliest pot-movie you’ll ever see and that’s the whole idea, it looks like, it’s cult-classic from Fullmoon Pictures and directed by Charles Band, the creator of the Puppet Master _series.

You know what; i have so many dvd’s and Blu-ray’s to go through and i didnt’ know what kinda’ movie_mood i was in, so i ended up puting on Evil Bong. It made me grind and giggle, though i didnt’ find that hysterical, it was pretty lame. But what made me giggle the most was the wheelchair_grandpa’ of the main pothead; Larnell, he’s a character, with juciey and condescending onliners that shots out to his grandson in front of his friends. That, plus the appearance of the yummy Gingerdead Man-diva; Robin Sydney. She’s shuch a hottie but she plays this ultimate biach, though she’s really good at it. Still im stitting here, drinking beer and dreaming that she’s mine (here character; Luann) while listening to some horror_Rap shit; ‘Troubled Mindz’. Didnt know she was younger then me… The character; Larnell, is also pretty funny and dry and he kinda remind me of an good friend of mine . The neard-dude to was also a fun character.

My main problem with this flik is that it’s not that funny, but rahter kinda’ lame. I was tired and kinda drunk and i actully fell asleep (and i have trouble sleeping), waking up later in the night with the tv on lound and drool all over my hooded-sweater, so i had to watch it from where i fell asleep, which was from where Tommy Chong enters the room and trying to stay awake. There was pretty badass music in this flik though; ‘Insain Clown Posse’, ‘Twizted’ and ‘Sen Dog’ (from Cypress Hill) plus more bands i didnt’ know. I have more Evil Bong movie and im hoping for them to be kinda cooler. I have by the way seen ‘Gingerdead Man V.S Evil Bong (2013).