JWD: Empire of Ash (1988)

Known as Empire Of Ash 2 (???) and re-realessed in 1989 as Empire Of Ash 3 (?????) .

This bottom_in_the_dumpster post apocalyptic flik is filmed for the most part in the fucking forest, god damn it! It’s like the director who got the job for shooting something post apoclayptic was really in mood for shoothing a fucking bigfoot movie; that’s how it made me feel, it was so much forest that it made me miss my big old pal!!

Ok, this young dame is beeing captured by this blood_steeling mutant cult and the lesbian-ish big sister and an seposed_to_be_hot_Mad Max_lookalike_anit hero is on to rescue her. Oh, by the way, that big sister is actually really hot, but she has kinda short hair, she’s got a mullet, or as we say in Norwegian; hocky sveis (hocky-hair cut). But she showes her tits and a kinda hot ass in pantys, while she is showering in a waterfall- i would do her. I really dont understand this forest stuff, u know, this is a post apoclyptic flik, give me some dry wastland or a devastated city. But after a half an hour or so we are finaly led to an industrial work place where we get alot of cool cheesy post apocalyptic shootings and action. But it’s just really all that stupid. We have alot of dead bodies laying around, some kinda nurses drying them for blood and the same female scream coming every 20 second or so.

There is also a second enemy. A sort of a wise-man in a black hood who is the sheaftain of a raiding-band full of evil trash-metallers and punk-rockers an who speaking stupid shit about a ‘New-Iadaho’ and other bull that just didnt’ make any sence.

This is kinda those Vhs-movies i grew up with and these kind of movies are really nostalgic to me. I had an older neighbor, when i was in grad school, i guess he was seven or eight years older then i was and i have some of my best VHS-memories from that wonderfull gye. He showed me Terminator (1984) and T2 (1991) and he had American Ninja-4, we also watched that one.

In case you are wondering; we are not living with dad-in-law anymore, we are in our own house now. Im now listning to; TIME COP 1983. Im almost 32 years old, but im still that twelve year old VHS-neardy kid. All my best friends from the 90’s was all possessed by VHS-renting, isnt’ that right Mathias?? If you are like me, willing to watch all that is old school-Post apocalyptic, espescialy the 80’s-stuff then, you might enjoy ‘Empire Of Ash’. Or was it ‘Empire Of Ash-2’ or ‘Empire of Ash-3?