Review: Midnight Party (1976)

If you haven’t already seen every inch of Lina Romays body, this movie would be an excellent opportunity!


Director: Jess Franco
Stars: Lina Romay, Olivier Mathot, Claude Boisson
Distributor: Monrex Video
Runtime: 91 mins

“…then I was banged in the tummy, but it ended up alright because the kind lady came and wanted a kiss, and I knocked her out of her pants.”


The sexy Sylvia works as a stripper and an escort girl. One night attending a party, the “happy-go-lucky” Sylvia jumps to bed with a rich couple having a blast. The morning after, when she wakes up the couple has been killed. The arranger of the party is supposedly the killer and has the young girl tortured by a couple working for him. The couple will rather have crazy love-making with Sylvia. She escapes but their ways will yet again be crossed. And things are not what they seems.


What can I say? This film is purely focused on the naked body of the directors wife. It tries to be a funny sex-comedy (brutal though), but it doesn’t work out. On the other hand it has Jess Franco in a playful mood both in front and back of the camera. And the twists and turns on the end involving all of Sylvias lovers, and the way they talk to the camera to make it a meta-film is still good entertainment.